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Phebi Search is affordable, proven, easy-to-deploy v-commerce technology that collapses the path to purchase. It combines voice recognition, instant search, and other consumer–and online retailer–friendly features to improve your site visitors’ experience, reduce your bounce rate, and increase your sales. With Phebi Search, your site visitors can talk when they want to and type when they want to as they instantly search, navigate, and even purchase from your website.

When you sign up for Phebi Search or install the Shopify app, Phebi automatically catalogues your complete inventory and notes each and every word on your website. Those words are used to create a customized database unique to your site, including relevant synonyms and other methods that enhance the already high accuracy of Phebi’s natural language processing technology. This means that when site visitors ask for something–via voice or typing–Phebi Search will find the right items and not be thrown off by words that are less useful in completing an accurate search.

For example, Alfa Romeo has a Giulia car model. With Phebi Search, the request "show me Giulias in red" turns up just that. A conventional, general-purpose, voice recognition technology, might hear "Julia" (the more common word globally) and turn up no matches. This is the power of contextual search backed by custom audio databases.

The Voice Revolution is happening now. More people are using their voice, especially from their smartphones and smart devices, to interact with applications and search the Internet. Although people can do almost anything with their voice, once they get to a typical e-commerce website they are forced to switch to typing to search it and to purchase items. Phebi Search changes that—retailers who adopt Phebi Search now gain a fundamental competitive advantage within days and are prepared to do business via voice. With Phebi Search, you won’t miss out on your share of the $40 billion v-commerce market that is expected by 2022.

Phebi Search collapses the path to purchase and enables you to be a leader in today's mobile-first, v-commerce era by making it easy for customers to instantly search your site using their voice or by typing, and to make purchases via voice. Customers can find exactly what they are looking for with near-frictionless voice queries like "men's jeans size 36" or "pink lip gloss under $20."

Need more reasons?

  • DRIVE CONVERSIONS & SALES: Tap the power of voice to get customers to what they want–and through check out–quickly and easily, especially on mobile.
  • PROVIDE BETTER EXPERIENCES: Your customers already use voice in their daily lives and are starting to expect it to be an option everywhere. Phebi lets them search for, and even purchase, items from your site using only their voice.
  • BE FAST & ACCURATE: Phebi Search is instant. This means results populate as users type, without a page refresh. It is also stunningly accurate thanks to Phebi's contextual language modeling and automatic site indexing.
  • IMPROVE ACCESSIBILITY: Open your site up to more customers, including the visually impaired, by adding voice.
  • GAIN VALUABLE INSIGHTS: Access real-time, actionable data. The Phebi dashboard tracks and quantifies voice search terms, opening up a new window into shopper behavior.
  • KEEP YOUR DATA SAFE: Phebi searches are private, secure, and never shared with third parties to protect your customers' privacy and so your hard-won leads don't end up in your competitors’ hands.

Integrating Phebi Search is quick and easy.

For sites built on the Shopify platform, getting started is as simple as downloading the Phebi Voice & Instant Search app from the Shopify App Store. Additional e-commerce platforms coming soon.

For all other sites, our product specialists can lead you through a simple and intuitive on-boarding process.

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It's easy to plan and budget when you deploy Phebi Search. The software is available for a low, fixed monthly price. There are no extra fees based on the number of searches your customers do or the number of items in your inventory. And, volume discounts are available for organizations who have multiple websites and organizations that build and/or host websites for others.

Shopify merchants can add Phebi Search for a low, fixed monthly price by installing our app. Visit our page in the Shopify App Store here.

For more information on pricing, call us at +1 (941) 587-7253 or complete this short form.

Phebi is a leader in the emerging Voice Economy. In addition to our flagship product, Phebi Search, our one-of-a-kind voice technology has already proven to itself to be valuable in other applications, including market and survey research. And, we’re exploring others, such as business intelligence, as well. You can learn more about those other applications, and contact us about them if you’d like to, here.